How Qwer PDF ensure your file security

Qwer PDF is committed to protecting users' file security and data privacy. All the uploaded files are stored in users' local browser instead of our cloud server. To process your files, we'll just call the algorithm from our server. Therefore, your file is isolated from our server and will be safe on your local computer.

Certified Data Centers

Qwer PDF only cooperate with secured and highly trusted cloud service providers and data centers that are certified with ISO 27001(Information Security Standard).

Data Isolation

Qwer PDF keeps user data isolated, which means that each conversion is performed in separate environment. Therefore, it's only you who have access to your file, any other third parties include Qwer PDF team cannot access to it.

Secure Communication

Your data is protected from being stolen, altered, or transfered. All the communications among your web browser, our server, and conversion hosts are performed via a secured channel protected by a state-of-the-art TLS encryption and with HSTS web security policy enabled.

Personal Information

You can use Qwer PDF free of charge and without sharing your personal information. But if your demand exceeds to our free limits and would like to register to the paid subscription, we guarantee that your email address and other personal information will not be shared with any third parties for neither personal nor commercial purposes.


All your files are bound to your own IP address which means that only the person who uploaded and converted the file can download the results.